November 25, 2022

UCAC has 6 athletes competing on Sunday at the 2022 Canadian Cross Country Championships in Ottawa.

  • Maximus Thiessen (Senior) – 10km
  • Jonah Salvator (U18) – 6km
  • Scott Raugust (U18) – 6km
  • Ibrahim Khalid (U18) – 6km
  • Shari Boyle (W45 competing amidst the Senior) – 10km
  • Maria Bernard-Galea (Senior) – 10km

The 2022 Canadian Cross Country Championships will be broadcast live from Ottawa, Ontario on Saturday, November 26 via AthleticsCanada.tv. The live webcast and on demand videos will only be available for RunnerSpace +PLUS subscribers. Sign up here.

The broadcast is scheduled to begin at 9:50 AM ET / 6:50 AM PT (subject to change).

Click HERE for the athlete start list.

Race Start   Awards schedule  
Time Event Time Event
9:00 a.m. FROST Country 6K Community race 10:05 a.m. FROST Country 6K Community race
10:00 a.m. Masters 6km (70+) & 8km 11:05 p.m. Masters 6km (70+) & 8km
11:00 a.m. Open Men 10km 12:05 p.m. Open Men 10km
12:00 p.m. Open Women 10km 1:05 p.m. Open Women 10km
1:00 p.m. U20 Boys 8km 1:50 p.m. U20 Boys 8km
1:45 p.m. U20 Girls 6km 2:35 p.m. U20 Girls 6km
2:30 p.m. U18 Boys 6km 3:20 p.m. U18 Boys 6km
3:15 p.m. U18 Girls 4km 4:00 p.m. U18 Girls 4km