2023-24 UCAC Registration is OPEN!

October 4, 2023

We are up and ready to go!

If you are training now, your registration is due, please go to our Registration page. We need your registration completed and fees pay to be added to the Indoor Facilities access sheet. 


Full year is only $1350, payable in full or by installments. Summer will be $550 and ready for registration starting in March.

Athletics Alberta membership is now available at AthleticsReg, all athletes register themselves. For those renewing, if you cannot remember your password or never set one up, request a password reset.

Membership Fees are no longer including Entry fees to meet and competition. UCAC will enter you to meets and competitions and bill your athlete’s account, payment for out of town meets and competition will be due shortly before departure.

We still have Bingos ($75 per shift) and our next Casino  is March 15-16, 2024, please volunteer and build up your credits to offset membership fees and In Province expenses.

Questions? Call or email me.

Jovette Jolicoeur
UCAC Bookkeeper/Registrar