Official Needed

Calgary is in dire need of Officials

September 19, 2023

Sanctioned meets must have carded Officials!

Officials are volunteers however this area of volunteers requires training and certification. You are NOT required to come to every meet, a sign-up sheet is sent out and you indicate when you are able to help.

Right now, we are having to bring in Officials from other cities and this increases the cost of a meet. Officials are not paid but we do have to provide lodging, travel and food costs for these Officials. Local Officials are also being overworked in a weekend meet and potentially burning out. The more we have, the less work one has to do.

There are many areas of officiating to choose from within the Jumps, Results, Throws, and Track. Right now, the shortest crews we have are in Results, Vertical Jumps, Photo Timing, Throws and Umpires.

Please consider attending an information meeting on October 12 and Nov 8 at 7 pm at 6616 Silversprings Crescent NW, hosted by Jolene Dressler National Competition Secretary.

Agenda will be dependent upon the needs of those who sign up (there could be some training in the results computer work if desired).

Even if you are unsure if this is a fit for you, please come to ask questions. Please ask friends who may be looking for volunteer opportunities, one does not have to be “in” track to volunteer with us.

If you are a “yes” to pursuing this right now, please connect with Athletics Alberta to register as an Official and to take the online courses 101 and 201. The links are easy to follow. If you are currently registered, please remember we need to renew each year.

Please reply to Jolene at to rsvp and to let her know your general interest. Any current questions feel free to call 403 286 1318.