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2021 Results


This longstanding fundraising event has contributed close to $100,000 to the U of C Dino track and cross country team.

In 2004, two enterprising University of Calgary students dreamed up this race to help fund the University of Calgary’s Dinos cross country and track & field teams. Since then, over $100,000 has been contributed to help provide scholarships, competition opportunities and uniforms for student athletes. Go Dinos!

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Why it is Rad

  • Beer Gardens and Pizza. Need we say more?
  • Student pricing! So you can race and save your pennies for…textbooks.
  • Age grouper? Finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in your age category by chip time and you get not one, but two rad dino medals!
  • So many draw prizes! You get a prize, and you get a prize, and you get a prize…

Team Competition

  1. Make a team
  2. Be the GOAT (student lingo for the most fab)
  3. Get your team name on a giant cup!

2021 Events

  • 5km Run/Walk (including stroller and age group divisions)
  • 10km Run (including stroller and age group divisions
  • Free Kids Run/ Jump/ Throw Mini Track Meet

2021 Dino Dash 5km Course


2021 Dino Dash 10km Course







Package Pick-up – Strides Running Store – Marda Loop

  • Saturday from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm

**Please note that there will be no package pick-up on race day. Please contact info@dinodash.ca with special circumstances.​

Race Day

  • 10:55 am – Stroller 5km and 10km start
  • 11:00 am – 5km and 10km main races start
  • 11:00 am to 12:30 pm – FREE Kids Event at the track for kids 1-9 years old. Please register your child and you will get specific information emailed to you.
  • 12:30 pm – Awards​

2021 Swag


  • Custom dinosaur themed short-sleeved technical shirt.
  • Custom dinosaur medal with dinosaur facts on the ribbon!

**Previous Dino Dash pictures below, including the 2021 Shirt and Medal design.


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Course Records

5K Male Trevor Hofbauer 14:37.83 – 2018
5K Female Bridget Pyke 18:11 – 2021

10K Male Matt Norminton 31:16.5 – 2008
10K Female Lisa Harvey 36:04.0 – 2007

5K Stroller Male Richard MacDonald 17:29 – 2015
5K Stroller Female Jennifer Alexander 21:03.12 – 2011

10K Stroller Male Richard MacDonald 36:22.46 – 2017
10K Stroller Female Patricia Tsang 47:08.69 – 2016

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