Membership Information and Registration

UCAC provides training and competition opportunities in all athletics events for athletes aged 14 and older. See our Training Groups.

Members must complete Athletics Alberta membership through AthleticsReg.

Athletics Alberta and Athletics Canada are the governing bodies for Track and Field within Alberta. Athletics Alberta (AA) membership provides liability insurance coverage; therefore, athletes are not permitted to train or compete until the AA registration fee is paid.

UCAC Membership Fees
Full Year (October 1st – September 30th) = $1350

  • $150 Admin
  • $600 Coaching
  • $600 Facilities

Summer (April 1st – September 30th) = $550

  • $150 Admin
  • $300 Coaching
  • $100 Facilities

Membership fees are non-refundable barring exceptional circumstances.

Athlete Accounts

Full year athletes have the option to remit the entire fee at registration or to pay in instalments throughout the year. Athletes also have the option to earn credits to their accounts from events such as bingos and casinos. Athletes can apply these credits to pay for membership fees and competition expenses, provided they have a positive balance of credits in their account on the date that such fees are due.

UCAC Free Two-Week Trial 

The 14 days start the date the membership is purchased. See AA for more information.

We recognize that athletes may want to assess whether the training style and program is the right fit for them before committing to a full membership. In order to accommodate, we provide athletes with the opportunity to complete a complimentary two-week trial period.

If you are interested in registering for the two-week trial, please contact our Coordinator, Dale Schoenthaler. You will be assigned to a training group based on your age, experience and athletic focus.

On the first day of the trial period, please complete registration for the Athletics Alberta Free Two Week Tryout Membership. Within the two-week trial period, confirm with your coach whether you intend to continue. If you elect to continue, please follow direction below to register with UCAC.

UCAC 2024 Summer Membership Registration

$550 Payment is due on registration, including any money owning from last year.

UCAC Registration Form

UofC OVAL Registration for Non-Varsity Athletes

MUST be done in advance of your first training session.
Oval Instructions for Athletes Registration
Those who need help accessing their account can contact the Olympic Oval staff Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.


As per Athletics Alberta policy instituted in 2020, all members will be required to work a minimum of 12 volunteer hours in the membership year. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

Failure to meet volunteer obligations by May 1 will result in an athlete having to pay their own entry fees until their volunteer commitment has been met.

Club Uniform

Members are required to wear the UCAC uniform in competition. New members will receive a UCAC singlet and the athlete will need to provide their own black shorts. Other UCAC clothing is available for purchase throughout the year. Additional logos may be added to the basic uniform when corporate sponsorship is provided. Board approval as to the size, positioning and nature of the additional logos is required.