Membership Info

UCAC provides training and competition opportunities for athletes ages 14 and older and works in partnership with the Dino Athletic program at the University of Calgary.

All members must complete UCAC and Athletics Alberta applications for membership and must agree to the terms and conditions contained therein. Athletics Alberta is the governing body for Track and Field.

Athlete Accounts

Athletes can deposit money into their accounts or earn credits from events such as bingos and other fundraisers. Once an athlete has a positive account balance, they can use the money from their account to pay for membership fees, transportation, team clothing, etc.

UCAC Membership Fees

Full Year = $1750

Outdoor = $700

UCAC Two Weeks Tryout

Contact UCAC office, Doug Lamont.
Athlete will be assigned to a training group.
First day of tryout, apply for an Athletics Alberta Free Two Week Tryout membership.
Within the two week period, confirm that you will continue or not. If continuing, complete membership process below.

NOTE: If you never had an Athletics Alberta Membership, you will need to register with AA, before registering with UCAC; see AA registration link further down this page.

UCAC Membership Registration 2020-21 via Trackie

Step 1 – Registration Information

If you had an Athletic Alberta membership in 2020, you can use the Lookup function and the form will complete itself in some parts; verify self populated info and correct as needed.

When you select the athlete’s age CATEGORY, the Athlete age is determined at December 31, 2021

Step 2 – Confirmation and Payment


  • Credit card/Interac Online/Paypal – the processing fee is absorbed in the membership cost
  • Other method – etransfer

Volunteer Cheque

  • The Board voted in 2019 to discontinue the need for a Volunteer cheque.
  • In place: “Failure to meet volunteer obligations by May 1st will result in an athlete having to pay their own entry fees until their volunteer commitment is met”

Athletics Alberta Informed Consent forms
Agree to all forms.

Step 3 – Receipt

Facilities COVID-19 Waiver Forms for Non Varsity Athletes

These are mandatory and MUST be signed in advance of your first training session.

Oval Waiver Form, see the University’s COVID-19 waiver instructions.
The Oval front desk is open Monday through Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm if anyone requires assistance with their online account.

Jack Simpson Active Living COVID19 form

Athletics Alberta Registration via Trackie

Be sure to select UCAC as your club

Athletics Alberta (AA) membership provides liability insurance coverage; therefore athletes are not permitted to train or compete until the AA registration fee is paid. Membership fees are not normally refundable.


As per Athletics Alberta policy, all members will be required to work a minimum of 12 volunteer hours in the membership year.


Presently, there are no required fund raising ventures that club members must complete. The club does offer opportunities for fund raising in the form of Bingos and Casinos. Athletes who work the fund raising opportunities will receive credits to use towards membership fees and competition expenses.

Club Uniform

Members are required to wear the UCAC Uniform in competition. New members will be provided with a UCAC Singlet and the athlete will need to provide their own black shorts. Other UCAC clothing is available for purchase. Additional logos may be added to the basic uniform when corporate sponsorship is involved. Board approval as to the size, positioning and nature of the additional logos is required.

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