UCAC has successful weekend at Athletics Canada Cross Country Championships

November 27, 2018

UCAC Results from Athletics Canada Cross Country Championships

Max Thiessen selected to the National Team pool for the NACAC and World Cross Country Championships!!!!

Other Highlights:

Senior Men – Club Team 6th
Russell Pennock 20th, 31:09 Alberta Team – 2nd
Roman Justinen 31st, 31:46 Alberta Team – 2nd
Ryan Grieco 45th, 32:06 Alberta Team – 2nd
Matt Galea 116th, 35:29

Senior Women
Maria Bernard 11th, 35:04 Alberta Team – 2nd
Karly Rempel 22nd, 36:26 Alberta Team – 2nd
Shari Boyle 39th, 38:12 Alberta Team – 2nd

Junior Men – Club Team 6th
Max Thiessen 12th, 25:28 Alberta Team – 3rd
Alex Royall 47th, 26:46 Alberta Team – 3rd
David McNish 74th, 27:56 Alberta Team – 3rd
Matthew Forman 76th, 28:00 Alberta Team – 3rd
Liam Hamm 80th, 28:13 Alberta Team – 3rd
Max Wilcox 104th, 35:32

Junior Women
Renee Andres 70th, 24:50

Youth Men – Club Team 19th
Kajela Bure 61st, 20:19 Alberta Team – 2nd
Martin Undheim 89th, 20:44
James Lively 111th, 21:01
Luke Swadling 179th, 21:55
Thomas Armstrong 204th, 22:12
William Ballantyne 218th, 22:38

Youth Women
Darienne Wourms 193rd, 18:33